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30 Old PC Ads That Will Blow Your Mind

One of Mac’s early computers, offeres 32 Bit Processor

Here’s a 15MB Hard Drive for $ 2,495.00, the price is coming down
Today you can get a 1TB drive for $ 85.00
1TB is about 69,000 times larger than 15MB

This Tandy 5000 offers a blazing 20Mhz processor and 2MB RAM
Today PCs are 3Ghz with 4GB RAM
3Ghz is 150 times faster and 4GB RAM is 2000 times larger than 2MB RAM

Here’s a PC in a breifcase, complete with modem and 5? monitor.
Today pc’s don’t have to plug the whole phone in, just the phone line and have up 22?+ monitors.

Checkout the joysticks and other options that come with this pc.

Produced in early 80’s, the VIC-20 came with 5KB RAM
Today pc’s come with 4GB RAM
4GB is about 838,000 times larger than 5KB

For only $ 999.00 you can get this pc that offers 384K RAM and 20M Hard Disk Card.
Today pc’s come with 4GB RAM and 500+ GB Drives
4GB is about 10,000 times larger than 384KB RAM and 500 GB drive is about 25000 times larger than 20M

Here’s a basic pc that offered 4K RAM that you had to hook up to a TV.

Another personal pc that offeres 4K RAM for under $ 199.95, but didn’t come with a monitor.

The ZX81 offered 1K RAM but expanded up to 16K RAM and could hook up to any TV

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