Three or More Days Spent in Total Darkness Can Lead to Permanent Blindness?

Eyes are one of the greatest blessings. It is probably one of the most complicated organ in our body too. To live a life without eyes is a scary thought. Most of our everyday tasks are optimized by visual feedback our brain receives. We are dependent on our eyes – if we can’t see, we can’t understand and so can’t we work. Imagining a life without eyes is impossible but ever wondered what about those who are born blind? 39 million people are blind worldwide. Every year thousands of children are born blind due to genetic problems. Others are blind due to diseases such as retinitis pigmentosa. Many new eye treatments are on way, but some diseases which cause blindness are uncurable. Many researchers are also attempting to make artificial eyes.

It is said that if an individual is left in dark for three or more days, then the individual is at risk of losing his eyesight permanently. This study was done at an Australian health Institute recently. However, there is no practical research supporting this fact. Hence, for now, this is only a myth presented by a study. Other myths also exist, such as for example, sitting too close to the TV for long enough makes you blind.However, Most of these are not based on facts.

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