15 Must-See Odd Yet Endearing Animal Friendships

Human beings could take some notes from these animals. It’s not every day that you see very unusual pairings of animals that end up having a solidly harmonious relationship despite their very obvious differences from one another.

The most beautiful aspect of all these is not even about how adorable or endearing they look in these photos, but the story behind how these unlikely friendships came to be. It may just be some random and coincidental moment, growing up in the same place, or even due to tragedy or unfortunate experience. But whichever the reason may be, there’s really much to be said about these animals who found a place in their hearts for others that are so far out their species. And just maybe, we humans can also learn a thing or two just by looking at these photos below.

1. Bubbles the African Elephant & Bella the Black Labrador




Image credits: Barry Bland

They may look a bit like David and Goliath in size, but there’s no doubt that these two are clearly fond of each other. Bubbles and Bella are staying at a safari reserve in the U.S.–Bubbles being rescued from ivory poachers in Africa, while Bella was left by a contractor for the park. Just look at that photo of Bella jumping from Bubbles!

2. Bea the Giraffe & Wilma the Ostrich




Image credits: PA

It probably has something to do with their shared physical attribute–having a long neck. But Bea and Wilma, who are both staying at Busch Gardens in the U.S., end up striking a close friendship that’s quite evident in these photos.

3. Tinni the Dog & Sniffer the Wild Fox





Image credits: Torgeir Berge

A chance encounter between Tinnie and Sniffer in the forests of Norway resulted to an endearing friendship, which Torgeir Berge–owner of Tinnie–has managed to capture with these photos.

4. Torque the Dog & Shrek the Owl



Image credits: Solent News and Photos

Shrek was removed from the mother’s care because of the danger of being eaten. Torque ended up being the caretaker of Shrek since he was just 6 months old and by the looks of it, this is one friendship that’s bound to last.

5. Fred the Labrador & Dennis the Duckling



Image credits: SWNS

Despite the tragedy of Dennis losing his mom because she had been mauled by a fox, he did end up under the care of Fred and his owner Jeremy. And clearly, he’s very much loved and cared for as seen in these photos.

6. Mabel the Chicken & the Puppies



Image credits: Anita Maric

Mabel acts a lot like a stepmom for these adorable pups, whose mom prefers to stay outdoors. Weird, right? But at least we end up with these cuddly photos of Mabel warming up these babies.

7. Milo the Dog & Bonedigger the Lion




Image credits: Barcroft USA

Just by looking at these pictures, you would never have guessed that it was actually Milo who took in Bonedigger under his wing ever since he was just a cub. Bonedigger was actually suffering from a metabolic bone disease that left him disabled, but hey, at least he has the friendship of Milo as well as the rest of the gang including Bullet and Angel.

8. Cat & the Fox




Image credits:

It’s still a mystery how these two end up being all cuddly and playful with each other, since fishermen spotted them on the shore of Lake Van in Turkey. Just another example of nature’s mysteries, but at least we get these cute shots.

9. Shere Khan the Tiger, Baloo the Bear, & Leo the Lion




Image credits: Barcroft Media

The story of these three–Shere Khan, Baloo, and Leo–has already been featured in so many news reports, but it just never grows old and is still as touching as ever. These three have gone through a lot of suffering together under the hands of a drug dealer who abused them, before being rescued and put under the care of the Noah’s Ark Sanctuary in the U.S.

10. Mani the Wild Boar Piglet & Candy the Dog




Image credits:

Manni was brought home by the Dahlhaus family after he was spotted starving in a field in Southwest Germany. Candy, the family’s dog, end up welcoming Manni with open arms and have been best buddies ever since.

11. Kasi the Cheetah & Mtani the Labrador




Image credits: Busch Gardens Tampa

Kasi and Mtani actually grew up together at the Bush Gardens in the U.S. and have since developed a lifelong friendship. But even though they’ve grown apart a bit–you know, puberty set in and Kasi is more interested with the female cheetahs–they still manage to hang out and spend some quality time with each other.

12. Rabbit & Deer




Image credits: Tanja Askani

The saying “life imitates art” couldn’t be truer and more appropriate with this real-life Bambi and Thumper. Thank goodness photographer Tanja Askani managed to spot them and capture these photos that really tug at your heartstrings.

13. Suryia the Orangutan & Roscoe the Blue Tick Hound




Roscoe actually followed Suryia and her handlers home and have been inseparable since. They now live together at a special reserve in the U.S. for rare and endangered species. Roscoe might be a bit stoic in these photos, but just look at how Suryia is evidently so happy with her buddy.

14. Kate the Great Dane & Pippin the Deer



Image credits: Isobel Springett

Pippin was actually adopted by Kate when she was just a baby deer. Pippin ended up having a family of her own in the nearby forest, but she does visit Kate and her owner Isobel from time to time.

15. Anjana the Chimpanzee & Tiger Cubs





Image credits: Bary Bland

Tragedy struck these two white tiger cubs after their mother died because of a hurricane that flooded her enclosure. It’s a good thing that they were rescued and transferred to an animal reserve in the U.S., and is now being cared for by Anjana and their caretaker, China York.

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