11 Do It Yourself Hacks… For The Bathroom.

The bathroom can be the trickiest place in the house with a limiting number of factors. In most homes it presents an inconvenience for a number of activities and as such many of us dread having to be in the bathroom unnecessarily, surely there must be a way to make your bathroom experience much more worth while right? If that is what you are thinking then here are 12 ways you can solve the bathroom conundrum:

1. To increase the air flow while having your shower, you should leave space at both ends of your shower curtain/glass door.

shower glass door


2. Make your clothes less wrinkly before you iron it by bringing it in the bathroom when you are showering.

wrinkle clothes


3. Having problems with keeping your shower curtain in place? Place a bottle at each end of the shower curtain.

bottle on curtain


4. For easy storage of metallic objects such as  hair pins and safety pins, you can place a magnetic strip behind your cabinet doors to place them on.

magnetic strips


5. Cans such as the shaving cream can leave rust marks on the surface it is placed on after a while. In order to prevent this you can easily place it upside down or even putting a simple coat of clear nail polish at the bottom rim of the can.

rusty can


6. You can simply amplify the sound by placing your phone in a dry sink as you have your shower while a soundtrack is being played. Ensure that your faucet is not leaky.

phone in sink


7. To easily clean the soap scum that was left on your shower’s glass door, you can use dryer sheets which is also known as fabric softener sheets.

dryer sheets




8. To clean Lyme stains that might appear on your bathroom facilities, you can use a pumice scouring stick which is made from the pumice stone.

pumice stick


9. Prevent your shower mirror from becoming foggy as you shave by cleaning it with shaving cream.

mirror in shower


10. To easily clean your showerhead, place it in a Ziploc bag filled with distilled vinegar to soak.

showerhead in vinegar


11. Sharpen your razor blade by rubbing it only upwards on an old pair of denim jeans.

razor denim


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