10 Ways to Boost Your Brain Power

2. Tetris

A study by American scientists found that the classic computer puzzle Tetris may also have a positive impact on your brain power.

Tests showed that despite being relatively simple compared to today’s sophisticated computer games, regular practise could increase a player’s grey matter and improve thinking.

Having played the game for half an hour each day over a three month period, subjects’ brains were found to have undergone ’structural changes’ in areas associated with movement, critical thinking, reasoning, language and processing.


1. A Thinking Cap

Scientists who have worked on developing a ‘thinking cap’ hope the device will enhance the mind’s ability to learn.

The researchers from the University of British Colombia in Vancouver started to advance the project after they discovered that the brain’s ability to learn a new task was significantly enhanced when a magnetic pulse was applied to the premotor cortex, the area of the brain just behind the forehead.

The technique could be used not only to bost intellectual capacity but also to aid those with debilitating learning difficulties.


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