10 Ways to Boost Your Brain Power

6. Mowing the Lawn

Researchers have discovered that a chemical released by lawn mowing not only relieves stress and makes people happier, but could also prevent mental decline in old age.

Australian scientists claimed that the aroma of freshly cut grass works directly on the brain, particularly targeting areas associated with emotion and memory.

So confident are they in their findings that they even released a perfume, “eau de mow”, which can be used as either a personal spray, or in public to relax and stimulate the brain of surrounding individuals.

5. Sex and Chocolate

A book has claimed that eating a lot of dark chocolate, having lots of sex and following the Scandinavian tradition of having cold meat for breakfast significantly improves brain power.

The book, by Simon Wootton and Terry Horne, analysed how diet, the environment and stress affect mental capacity. They asserted that while brain capacity has always been considered in terms of genetics, it is in fact a lifestyle choice.

The two suggested that the thought processes induced by having sex, as well as the hidden nutritional ingredients of dark chocolate and energy-giving qualities of cold meats, stimulate the brain and help battle age-related mental deterioration.


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