10 Unhealthy “Health Foods”

Here’s is a detailed list of foods that we take to be healthy but are not healthy at all. The next time you see someone trying to sell you these as ‘diet’ or healthy beware that they may be misleading you.

Turkey Sandwich


Most people have the assumption that a Turkey Sandwich is probably one of the healthiest and safest foods. Well, it is not as healthy as you most likely take it to be. This is because research shows that one sandwich can have 400 calories or more.

‘Reduced Fat ‘Peanut Butter


For starters, it is worth noting that (standard) peanut butter is manufactured using   the sugars that are used in making caking frosting. How is reduced fat peanut butter made? When making this peanut butter, fat is taken out and its place filled with sugar as well as other fillings. So a single tablespoon has 93 calories.

Microwave Popcorn


Microwave popcorn might not actually be the safe alternative that you take it to be. The unhealthy aspect about microwave popcorn comes into perspective as these bags of grain contain high levels  of the chemical diacetyl (brings about the buttery taste) and sodium thereby making the popcorn   unhealthy for your consumption.

‘Fat –free’ Yogurt


Most fatless yogurts   have their labels written 99% free fat while in real essence, this is totally misleading to you, the consumer.  The delicious allure of these yogurts comes about due to a high number of processed flavors as a low content of calories. However, this is far from the truth as many flavored yogurts have sugar of more than 15 grams in the 6-ounce serving.


Bran Muffin


A chocolate chip muffin is by far better than a bran muffin- something that most people are not aware of.  One bran muffin has 375 calories, 24% sodium, 13% total fat and a whooping 10% saturated fat.  Despite the muffin containing these killer ingredients, mayo clinic still recommends it for the day.

Wheat bread


Wheat bread is just a perfect blend of white bread and a little portion of wheat flour for the bread to   appear to be multi-grainy and healthy.  Ideally,  in a single slice of bread,  there are about 65 calories while in white bread there are 80 calories , so the difference is a mere 15 calories. As such, your wheat bread is not as healthy as manufacturers want you to think.




Granola is nothing more than sugar & calories packed jam.  This is very disheartening especially to people who have been eating granola with the presumption that it is actually one of the safest foods.  A single bowl of this food contains not less than 500 calories with this number not inclusive of the calories in milk.

California Rolls


A single piece of California rolls has not less than 35-38 calories. Yet, these rolls are most babies’ favorite foods.  What’s worse is that the rolls are simply full of sugar, flavoring and more sugar- ingredients that are definitely not healthy for your children.

Dried Fruit


Isn’t dried fruit certainly very healthy?  No, it isn’t as it is stacked with sugar and sulfar for preservation so that the fruits can last for as long as possible. A quarter cup of (unsweetened) banana chips contains not less than 120 calories.

Light Salad Dressing


One thing that repeats itself in fatless foods is that once fats are removed, its place is taken by artificial flavors and sugar. Light salad dressing is not different in any way as it also contains a massive amount of calories that are not healthy at all costs.



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