10 Spoiled Cats That Probably Have A Fancier Life Than You Do

spoiled cat 1

If your cat eats better food than you, takes its cat-naps on a silk pillow, and lives in its own little castle, I can’t put it any other way than to say that your cat is – spoiled. As far as I know, most cats love being spoiled. If you have not also noticed, the things that are required to keep them in tip-top shape are sometimes very expensive. Just take a look at the price tags for their pet food.

Some humans however bypass the expensiveness and still get their cats the finest things anyway. Check out these pictures below of cats being treated in the most finest ways, probably finer than most humans.


1. This cat owns a leather couch.

spoiled cat 2


2. How about your very own ‘Cat Palace’.

spoiled cats 3



3. Nothing better than breakfast on a silver platter.

spoiled cat 4


4. Modern bedroom furnitures for a fancy cat. It even has a comforter that matches the color of his fur.

spoiled cat 5


5.  Cat playing with his iPad.

spoiled cat 6


6. A luxury hotel room for sophisticated cats.

spoiled cat 7


7.  Lobster is very expensive, so why not give it to your cat?

spoiled cat 8


8. Mr. Too Cool To Take The Stairs.

spoiled cat 9


9. I’ve never tried sushi before…

spoiled cat 10


10. Going on another cat adventure on a private plane.

spoiled cat 11

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