10 Reasons to Trade Your Office for the Cloud

Spending 8+ hours a day in an office is by no means everyone’s idea of fun. Riddled with poor lighting, uncomfortable chairs, micromanaging bosses, and annoying co-workers, offices actually tend to be the one thing that makes people dread coming to the office and achieving greater productivity. However, the advancements made in commercial cloud computing, such as dedicated hosting and VPN service, have made it possible to ditch the office setting for more relaxed atmospheres. 10 reasons every office should consider going virtual includes

1. No Rent

Next to salaries, rent is one of the largest annual expenses of any company. Increase your revenue by going virtual and avoiding a rent payment.

2. No Water Cooler Gossip

While no one wants to stay in isolation all the time, co-workers aren’t always fun either. Office settings tend to create drama which can hurt employee moral and decrease productivity.

3. No Dress Clothes

Office clothes are not only expensive, but they tend to be uncomfortable. If you are working from home; however, there is no need for them – yet another expense you can save yourself.

4. Enhanced Security

Most offices rely on their own back up systems for their network security. This is a horrible idea as a single power outage or system meltdown could take down operations for days. Not to mention, these systems are often easier to hack. Cloud services, however, have multiple layers of advanced technology which will keep your information safe – from hackers and bad weather.

5. Better Connectivity

With a virtual office, all documents are stored in the cloud allowing employees to work wherever they want from any device with an internet connection. Not only does this mean that you will be able to work in your favorite cafe, but it also means that employees have a harder time finding excuses for not working.

6. No Awkward Office Parties

Office parties waste office funds and they are often just awkward wastes of time where everyone stands around and eats cake. When you work from home, there is no longer a reason to waste precious office funds and employee time.

7. More Comfortable Office Furniture

Unless you’re spending a fortune on high-end office furniture, there is a good chance that chair is destroying your back. When you work from home, however, you can enjoy your couch or favorite lazy boy for your own comfort.

8. No Morning Commute

Not only do morning commutes waste time, but they are also shown to actually reduce lifespans due to the stress the cause. They are also a larger expense due to gas. In order to save money and your health, work from home

9. Peace and Quiet

Offices are full of distractions – whether it be phones ringing or co-workers chattering – they always find a way to keep employees from continuously working. With an at-home office setting, employees can better control their environment to prevent as many distractions as possible.

10. Greater Productivity

Those who work from home are often happier than employees that work in an office. Happier employees are more productive employees.While becoming a virtual office does have a few downsides, such as less management, you can still compensate with bi-weekly face-to-face meetings and frequent Skype sessions. With the Digital Age upon us, there is no reason why more establishments, such as businesses and even schools, shouldn’t take to cloud computing and all of its offerings.

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