10 Largest Navies in the World

No 2. China

Navy personnel 250,000
Navy ship 760
Ports and Harbors 8
Aircraft carriers 1
Submarines 68
Amphibious craft 121

With 250,000 personnel, the People’s Liberation Army Navy is neither small nor weak by any measure. The Chinese Navy was formed in 1949 with mostly soviet instructors and it has been a formidable force in the sea ever since.


No 1. USA

Navy personnel 332,000
Navy ship 1,559
Ports and Harbors 10
Aircraft carriers 11
Submarines 75
Amphibious craft 38

With 332 thousand personnel in active duty and a further 124 thousand in reserve, the United States Navy is the largest in the world. The battle fleet tonnage of the USN is greater than the next 13 largest navies combined.


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