10 Hysterical Easter Fails That Would Make Even The Easter Bunny Squirm

Every year, people celebrate Easter by making cute Easter-inspired treats and creations. As for treats, we can look forward to seeing bunny shaped cookies, chocolates, buns and candies, and they are all colorful and finished with a dash of sprinkles. Likewise, our results may sometimes have us wishing that we just left creating to the professionals.

While it is still good that we take the time to make our own food, watching everybody skip your treats because they look weird is not so cool. Nevertheless, there are some fails that are just too funny to not laugh at. Check out these 10 Easter fails that would make even the Easter bunny cringe.


1. I wonder which bird would ever visit this house.

easter fail 1


2. Are these bunny ear’s or horns??

easter fail 2


3. Mary had a little lamb….and had nightmares after that.

easter fail 3


4. Atleast you can blame this one on the kids.

easter fail 4


5. Is that a lamb or a puppy?

easter fail 5


6. This bunny has seen terrible things.

easter fail 6


7. This bunny turned out bloated.

easter fail 8


8. Basket of Lies

easter fail 9


9. Were these eggs rotten?

easter fail 10


10. So… Maybe boiling the eggs next time would help.

easter fail 11


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