Ted Nugent – Stranglehold Lyrics Full Song

“Stranglehold” is a single and the first track from Ted Nugent’s self-titled 1975 album. The vocals are performed not by Nugent, but by Derek St. Holmes. The song was covered by the American progressive rock band Tool during a few of their performances in 1998. The song was covered by Oklahoma band Cross Canadian Ragweed as a hidden track on their 2004 album Soul Gravy. It has been featured in the films Dazed and Confused, Rock Star, Invincible, Superbad, and Bad News Bears as well as the television shows Supernatural, Entourage and House. It is also on the V-ROCK radio station in the video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. It is a playable track in Guitar Hero World Tour, and in the guitar career it is an encore played after defeating Nugent in a guitar battle. However, the version in World Tour censors the word “bitch” and “higher” whenever they were spoken, and the song is a different recording. Also, Pro Wrestler Kevin Von Erich used this song as his entrance music in World Class Championship Wrestling. It is also featured over the end credits of the Entourage episode Sorry, Ari, as all Entourage episodes have a tradition of ending with a different song. The song is played when kicker Mike Nugent of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers comes on to attempt a field goal. It has been ranked 31st greatest guitar solo of all time by Guitar World. It is also the intro music for the Detroit Tigers. It was teased by the band Phish during Mike’s Song at the Murat Theatre in

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