10 Huge Dogs Who Obviously Have No Idea How Big They Are

They say that dogs are a man’s best friend. These days when we check out the dogs of the internet we have to wonder if they are actually dogs or humans disguised as dogs. They always tend to be the ones that will stick around when no one else is able to. Probably not even half of the human population are like this.

Another great quality that dogs tend to always have is that they are cuddle-lovers, embracing you when you are feeling down. They love to snuggle-up beside you in the sofa or even in your lap to enjoy watching TV with you. Some people who have really huge dogs even have to face this too. The thing about huge dogs is that it is like they also behave just like the little dogs, jumping on you, and running around the house, always active. Check out these 10 huge dogs that have no idea how big they are.


1. Ahh… It’s nice to finally unwind.

giant dogs 1


2. Let’s go! Let’s go!

giant dogs 2


3. Why’s it so small in here?

giant dogs 3


4. Big Hug!

giant dogs 4


5. What? Why are you guys laugh?

giant dogs 5


6. Sometimes I forget that this bed wasn’t made for me.

giant dogs 6


7. Are your legs okay? It doesn’t look that way.

giant dogs 7


8. Who ever said that this guy needed a bodyguard?

giant dogs 8


9. I love it when he’s home. I get to chill out on his leg all day.

giant dogs 9


10. Fair trade, right?

giant dogs 10

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