10 Hilarious Photos That Show How Cropping Can Totally Change A Story

One of the most common ways to change a picture’s narrative is to simply photoshop with simple cropping. While it is a low-tech alternative, trust me, it is just as effective. Based on the fact that our mind always strives to try to understand what is happening in our environment, this technique is a perfect mind trick.When we only see a partial image, we instinctively try and guess what might be outside of the frame. You’ll only have your mind to blame if you actually thought these pictures were dirty.

Check out this list of cropped pictures that would totally fool our minds before looking at the original version.


1. The Sutro Tower In San Francisco Looks Like The Top Of A Floating Ship When Covered By Clouds

crop image 1


2. Nothing More Than Tiny Little Baby Feet

crop image 2


3. Pictures Look Very Different When You Have A Dirty Mind

crop image 3


4. It’s Not What It Looks Like

crop image 4


5. Such Public Art

crop image 5


6. Taking A Beautiful Pic Infront Of A Beautiful Wall. Oh Wait! There’s Something Else

crop image 6



7. Who Needs Breast Implants?

crop image 7


8. Nicely Chilling By The Pool

crop image 8


9. Travelling All Over The World

crop image 9


10. There’s A Shark In The Water! Or Is There?

crop image 10

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