10 Fun Apps That Will Make You An Einstein

The advent of smartphones and tablets has seen apps grow wildly popular over the years. So, what apps do you download? We’re guessing many different kinds. How about those that stimulate your brain? Here are 10 fun educational apps that will make even Einstein jealous.


1. NYTimes Crosswords


The NYTimes Crosswords app is the ideal game to improve brain functionality. The app provides you with the same crossword puzzles that are published everyday in the newspaper.


2. Lumosity


This app created by neuroscientists helps you to train your attention and memory by providing you with games for the selective brain areas. Your progress is also tracked.


3. 7 Little Words


Play this puzzle game app by finding the 7 words using the 20 letter groups to match the 7 clues given.


4. Owl


The Owl app provides its users with useful facts taken from Reddit each day.


5. Duolingo


This app will become a favourite for travellers as it teaches you other languages such as Spanish, Italian and French. In addition, you can invite your friends to compete with you in challenges and translate any phrase into another language.


6. Quora


Ever had a question and wished to get answers from a person with the experience? This blogging app allows you to ask questions and also share interesting facts you already know.


7. Georeader


The Georeader app is the ideal app for road trips as when you are driving or walking it reads out loud any historical marker throughout the UK, Canada, US and Mexico when you pass them.


8. HowStuffWorks


This app provides you with over 30,000 educational articles and videos that have been taken from Discovery Channel and HowStuffWorks archive. Quizzes and facts questionnaires are also available to test your knowledge.


9. Simple Physics

simplephysics 2

Create complex structures such as bridges and Ferris wheels to help you learn about the laws of physics. In order to win, your designs must be cheap and able to withstand forces such as wind and weight.


10. Charge Your Brain

charge your brain

This app is a combination of mini-games that involves different directions of mental activities such as image recognition, speed of response, logic, comparing objects and memory that will increase the blood supply of various sections of your brain to improve performance and functioning.

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