Top 10 Hospitals You Never Want To Go To

Is it just us or do all of you find hospitals a bit creepy? As if there is someone or something lurking behind that corner? Yeah, you know the feeling we are talking about here. Come on, people have died in there so yes, the creepiness sure makes sense. But this list of top 10 horrifying hospitals that take things to the next level. These are the hospitals that you most definitely don’t want to stay in.

10. Royal Hope Hospital

10. Royal Hope HospitalThis one comes right out of a horror movie. Welcome to Royal Hope Hospital in St. Augustine, Florida. This was a Spanish military hospital back in 1784 up till 1821 before it was eventually taken down. During the Seminole War, a replica of original hospital was built to provide healthcare to the wounded. After some time, St. Augustine workers were repairing water lines and had to dig in the area of the old hospital. This led to the discovery that it had been built on an old Native American burial ground. Owing to that, this hospital is considered to be the most haunted place in Florida. A few abnormalities that occur include the shaking of equipment in the surgeon’s office on its own. Also, many visitors have stated that when they walked past beds they jumped and knocked at their legs. There is a certain understanding that all those who have died at the hospital, their spirits are still lingering on the grounds at the hospital.


9. Tranquille Sanatorium

9. Tranquille SanatoriumThis one has been part of ‘The A-team’ recent movie and many other TV shows and is located on Kamloops Lake in British Columbia, Canada. This place was originally a ranch until it started catering for TB patients. It was converted to a fully functional hospital back in 1907 and it remained functional until 1950’s when it was closed after treating about 4,000 patients. It was re-opened and served as a hospital and a training facility but it was closed again in the 1985. There are reports of many strange things happening here. We have mysterious flying orbs, feeling of sadness, one gets really uneasy and then there are sudden drops in temperature. People have also reported strange voices and ghostly figures. One figure that has been reported many times is that of a nurse, allegedly killed by a patient.


8. Sai Ying Pun Psychiatric Hospital

8. Sai Ying Pun Psychiatry HospitalThis one was built back in 1892 in Hong Kong, Sai Ying Pun as a mental hospital and is now known as High Street Ghost House because of the tales of unexplainable events that have occurred over the years here. Until WWII, it was used as living quarters by the nurses. However; during WWII it was seized by the Japanese who used it as an execution hall. It has been converted into a community centre with a number of charity organizations working there. It was abandoned back in the 1970’s and there were tales about sounds of a woman crying, a thunderous sound that originated from the building, mysterious footsteps and a man looking like a devil who would appear on the second floor and then would burst into flames. Reports of spirits wandering the halls were also filed in.

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