Default iPhone web browser can be changed with browser changer

On iOS devices, safari is the default browser which you use to surf internet. If you would like to change this default browser from iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you can easily change it with available utility called browser changer. When you change default browser to any other browser of your own choice, it will open URL directly in that browser instead of copying and pasting it manually.

When you want to change default safari browser to any other browser you will need to jail break, and then you will be able to use browser changer in your iOS devices. Jailbreaks are very easy to perform and just as easy to undo, but it can be very complex and add additional complexity to the average user who are not much familiar to these things. Browser changer is a free download from Cydia. You will see there some other options as well, like you can apply the default browser change to Google Maps and YouTube. When you turn on enable changer, it will show you browser to select, and if you turn it off, it will get back to default safari browser.