10 Ways to Speed Up Your Car

Fed up with poor performance of your vehicle? Willing to spend some decent cash to invigorate that corpse of an automobile? Well here are some sure shot methods to get your car spinning big time.

Air Intakes

Air induction is vital for an efficient and powerful working of your engine. Swapping the factory fitted intakes with a decent after market air induction system will breath new life into your car. There is a wide variety of brands to choose from with varying costs. These systems can be easily installed without much hassle. A good air induction system will put you back by two hundred bucks.

Engine Fan

This a major culprit which gulps down significant horsepower of your engine. This fan is found near the radiator of your car. Its major purpose is to draw air into the radiator to maintain optimum engine temperature and prevent over heating. Replacing this mechanical fan with an electrical one will allow more horsepower for your engine. Again there is a huge variety of such after market fans to choose from. Find the perfect fan for your car and enjoy a more powerful ride.


Fuel Pumps

Although most modern cars come equipped with an electric fuel pump but a lot of vehicles on the road are fitted with mechanical pump which draws power directly from the crankshaft. Such pumps are also responsible for eating up precious power which can be used by the engine. If you want to save that precious horsepower then get this pump replaced with an electric fuel pump. An electric fuel pump while allowing greater horsepower also results in improved fuel efficiency. But while upgrading to electric fan and fuel pump, you should also keep tabs on your battery and alternator which will bear the extra burden. In some cases the battery and alternator also require up-gradation to fulfill the extra power requirement.

Fuel Injection

Nowadays fuel injection systems have replaced the carburetter that was found in old automobiles. A carburetter was used for providing the air-fuel mixture to the combustion chamber. But these were not very efficient and required consistent service and even rebuilding. In contrast a fuel injection system is a much smarter device requiring virtually no service and allowing a much better mileage for your car. So if you have a rusty old carburetter cranking in your engine, get it replaced with a decent fuel injection system. This electronic injection system will provide a lot of extra horsepower for your vehicle.

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