Mac OS

How to run Mac OS on iPhone

It sounds strange to run a Mac OS on iPhone, iPad or on iPod touch, but it is possible to run a classic Mac OS on iPhone. Macintosh Plus is required to run Mac on iOS device directly. You need to have a jail broken iPhone or iPod touch, Mac plus ROM image, mini vMac

How to backup Mac OS X address book

The address book for Mac OS X is very important thing due to large amount of information it stores inside. All this important information which you do not want to lose at any cost can be at risk when you want to update your device. When you are going to make changes in device, sync

Resolving Two Common MacBook/Pro Problems

If anyone tells you that Mac OS X or Apple is perfect and have no issues at all, then there can be two reasons, either he never used Mac frequently or he represents Apple. Jokes apart, here I am going to discuss two common MacBook problems and some easy solutions: Hard disk Issues: Whenever you

Tips to remove/add icons from the Dock

It is very easy to buy new software from the Appleā€™s Mac App Store. Since purchased items from Mac App Store are added to the dock automatically so it often gets crowded. In this article we will discuss how to remove or add icons from the Dock. Removing icons from the Dock: The simplest way