8 Things That Are More Likely To Happen Than Winning The Lottery

There are millions of people that dream of getting lucky and winning the lottery. Unfortunately though, the odds of winning those are very, very low.  But why waste your time longing to win the lottery when there are other more likely things that you can think about instead. Check out this list of 8 things

Lucky Couple Won The Lottery Three Times In One Month!

Some people are born with luck while others “make” their own if you believe in the idea of grasping opportunities with both hands. Personally, I’d say I’ve experienced a bit of luck myself, nothing extraordinary but your average kind where you win an event or just so happen to find a few dollars lying around

10 Things Apple is Worth More Than

You probably hate Apple, but admit it, the brand has exemplary power. Anything with Apple’s logo on it sells like hot cakes now-a-days. Established in 1976, Apple has since grown to be true giant in the field of technology and has seen its worth increase exponentially over the recent years. Today, we try to put