iphone tips

Knowing the Proper Shortcuts for iPhone Keyboard

One of the main problems that can be related to using iPhone can be the absence of a physical keyboard attached to it. Although the touch pad that is displayed on the multifunction screen is a real help but people do find it difficult to get the message they want to type on it. Knowing

Clear iPhone Lock Screen from Album Artwork

While playing music on iPhone, the album art work displays on the iPhone lock screen. It seems very irritating to the users who want to enjoy the wall paper. Here is a fix using which you can get rid of this album art on lock screen. For this process, you need to jailbreak your iPhone.

Reset the factory settings of stuck iPhone

Iphone is apple’s most innovative invention. It has changed the way mobile phones used to be. Apple iPhone is far more than a cell phone. It has lot of other capabilities that makes it one of the coolest inventions. Moreover, there are number of apps that enhance its functionality even more. While experimenting with the

How to Change the Location of Your ITunes Hard Drive?

A hard drive carrying too much data can prove dangerous. If the other hard drive is available, it is good to shift some data to that.  The iTunes library usually has large size. It is worth shifting to the other hard drive. Follow the given course of action in order to change the location of