Your Gestures Can Talk Now!

Day by day we are stepping in the future! We have made this world an astonishing place where there is advancement coming every day. Ever wondered how cool it is if you move your fingers or palm and it speaks what you want! Sounds crazy to me as well but yes it is where we are standing now, its the future we hold now!


The project is  made by the University of British Columbia! they have done the optimization of computer and sensors that they carry and receive the input of your hand as words or alphabets via sensors on the gloves they actually built. By this you can make your hands sing. Vocalist tried this by adding on the song with their voice and giving hand commands simultaneously so that computer also sings with you and they formed some patterns. No doubt this field is really too much to explore right now but atleast giving your mind a break and telling it that you hands can speak, it would be a shocking news indeed. Check the video!

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