What is Cloud Storage?

Computer users are continuously gathering data over the Internet. We store this data onto our hard drives and USB drives. However, when the data gets too overwhelming we need more space. That’s when we have to decide between extending our hard disk and buying a new USB drive. But wait! There is a new option available now that is far more economical, safe and reliable than these conventional storage options. Yes we are talking about Cloud Storage. Cloud storage has revolutionized File sharing and the way we look at storing our data.

Believe me, cloud storage has nothing to do with weather. It’s rather a new technique of data storage in which the data is stored on hard drives and servers maintained by 3rd parties called cloud storage service providers. These 3rd party service providers have a pool of storage available over multiple servers. Resources are allocated to each user depending on his needs from this central pool. However, for each user it seems like a private Hard-disk space. This setup also offers redundancy and safety from any hardware failure which might result in data loss.Currently, there are many cloud storage providers like Egnyte , Box and DropBox.Egnyte and Box are the major stakeholders in the cloud storage industry and if you are looking for a reliable, cheap and cost effective cloud host, then Egnyte is surely the way to go for you.

Cloud storage has many advantages over old methods of data storage. The biggest advantage is that the data is accessible from any computer anywhere in the world. A big plus if you travel a lot. You can also share your data with friends and collaborate in real time. Thus, if you are a computer user who likes to download a lot of data and keep records, then cloud storage is surely the way to go for you.

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