Wake Up To Coffee Made By This Coffee-Brewing Alarm Clock


The first thing that comes to mind when a caffeine addict wakes up in the morning, is to have a hot cup of coffee. The routine for each morning starts with the buzzing of your alarm clock and then you dragging your half-asleep self into the kitchen to make that fresh cup of joe, but what if you wouldn’t have to make your morning coffee yourself? What if your alarm clock and coffee brewer came all on one device? That invention is already in the making, thanks to British Designer Joshua Renouf.

barisiuer how does it work


The handy device called “The Barisieur” is a combination of an alarm clock and a coffee brewer with an interesting design of chemistry apparatuses for making the coffee and retro designed controls at the bottom section of the device for setting the alarm clock. Unlike other alarm clocks that uses beeping sounds or music, the Barisieur makes use of the subtle movement of stainless steel ball bearing boiling in water through induction heating and the delightful scent of freshly brewed coffee.


Alike the operation of a regular alarm clock, the user must set the device to the time at which they would want to wake up in the morning by using the retro designed controls at the bottom section.

barisieur controls

Rebouf says, “It encourages a ritual before going to sleep, signalling to the body and mind that it is time to unwind and relax.”

The Barisiuer is currently incomplete, but according to Renouf’s website it will eventually soon be available on the market. You can also fill out an online form that will ensure you updates on the Barisieur’s availability. It was estimated that the device should carry a price tag ranging from $250-$400.

barisieur 1

barisieur 2

barisieur 3

barisieur 4

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