Upcoming Netflix Movie “Death Note” Sparks Controversy



Netflix’s Streak

Many compare Death Note’s case to the upcoming American movie Ghost in the Shell, which is also a manga/anime adaptation taking place in a futuristic Tokyo City. Scarlett Johanson plays the role of The Major who is traditionally imagined as a japanese character. Despite the backlash that production received, the publisher of the original series already expressed his satisfaction with the casting choice.  He even went as far as stating that he “never envisioned a Japanese actress in the role”.

However, this is not the first time Netflix faces controversy due to racial issues. Another of Netflix original series titled “Iron Fist”, received a decent amount of backlash from critics accusing it of being a white savior type of story. All because the main hero of the series is Caucasian. Nevertheless, this time the adaptation does stick to the source material.

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