Converting song in to ringtone in iPhone

Apple iPhone is one of the expensive phones. However once you get the iPhone, there are number of ways with which you can save money on it. Three tips are described here, following which you will be able to save several bucks.

  • On iPhone you can enjoy the free music. Pandora Radio is an application which allows you to create a personal radio station. You can either listen to pre-set music genre or can specify your choice by creating a new station that features songs from your favorite singer or composer. So there is no need to download paid music.
  • If you have paid songs in your iPhone, then for ringtones you don’t need to pay again. You can use the same paid songs as your ringtone. Subscribe to Free iPhone Tips and Tutorials to get latest iPhone tips and tricks through email.
  • Text For Free is an adorable application by Google which is made specifically for iPhone. Using it, you can text for free and there is no need to pay for texting packages.

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