Two Chinese Companies Fight It Out In Brawl With Bulldozers

chinese brawl 1

Arguments between co-workers happen everyday. If they turn out into a demolition derby style fight between multiple bulldozers, then that is something we do not see everyday. A report from police in China shared that a fight between construction workers resulted in a head to head brawl between several heavy machines. The end of the dangerous event ended with one of the dozers being flipped and a few others destroyed. With the event recorded and published on Youtube, you can see how everything went down.


This got intense fast when a fight broke out between two companies competing for business on the job site. While there was not much information released about the incident, there is the video and a short report that was shared by the police in the video to tell everything.

So, the next time you get upset with you co-worker and happen to have access to a bulldozer, just think about this video and how things turned out in the demolition derby dozer fight in the video.

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