Top 10 Secret Agency Codes


The top ten secret agency codes you would never find anywhere. Check them out:

10. Renegade

The name of President Obama opted by him after being presented with a list of names beginning with R. The rest of the list was Renaissance, Radiance and Rosebud.

9. Lancer

The moniker of Kennedy interlocked fit with the “Camelot” idea of his Administration.

8. Searchlight

For a chief supervisory undone by the late night break in at the Watergate Hotel, and the following cover up, Nixon’s Secret Service moniker — a tool that discloses all — is intensely satirical.

7. Deacon

The previous Georgia chief, a pious Baptist, trained Sunday school even while occupying the Oval Office; his code-name was a fitting selection.

6. Sunburn

As a presidential contender in the year 1980, the Lion of the Senate had to experience this code name.

5. Rawhide

For a President who once starred in Westerns, this mark was a perfect fit.

4. Smurfette

The codename for a nineteen year old Kerena Gore whose father became the Vice President in the year 1993.

3. Angler

The codename of Vice-President Dick Cheney derived from his hobby i.e. fishing. It also suitably described the vice-president’s ability for pressing his schedule behind the scenes.

2. Parasol

The delicate most personality Cindy McCain bored the moniker Parasol.

1. Javelin and Petrus

Mitt Romney is suitably known as Javelin, once a replica of car made by American Motors, Rick Santorum’s codename Petrus is just as apt. It’s the Latin source of Peter.









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