Top 10 Myths About Human Body

No 6. Most of the body heat is lost through the head

Some old military study gave rise to this myth; the study found that soldiers left outside with bodies completely covered but without hats, lost significant amount of heat through their heads. But, as it now stands, studies have put it this way; you only lose about 10% of body heat from your head.

No 5. Skipping meals helps in losing weight

I’ve seen people totally skipping lunch for the sake of weight loss. But what has been proven is that you overeat at the next meal no matter how much of a self-control you have. Starving actually lowers your metabolism rate which means fewer calories are burnt and if you persist, your metabolism may actually become less efficient for good i.e. you might actually start gaining weight.

No 4. You use only 10% of your brain

This myth has been heard so many times and at so many places that it is really hard to swallow that fact that it really is a ‘myth’. Apparently, Einstein was using more than ten percent of his brain, making him a genius.

No 3. You can get Arthritis by cracking your knuckles

Those pops you hear are nothing but bursting of gas bubbles that have accumulated in your muscles and joints. It is mostly nitrogen but the fact is that there is no evidence that can link arthritis to cracking. That doesn’t mean that you step on the pedal and make it a habit; cracking does weaken finger joints which can cause trouble later in life.

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