Top 10 Most Surprising Off-The-Wall Uses For Coca Cola

It is incredible just how much we can actually do with something that was meant to be just a drink. Some of these uses that have been discovered might not come surprising to some Coke fans as they themselves might have already used the drink on numerous occasions for numerous tasks. While there are tons of off-the-wall uses for coke, these 10 uses come as the most surprising to many of us. Here are the top 10 most surprising off-the-wall uses for Coca Cola.


1. Killing Bugs

killing bugs with coke

In countries such as India, farmers tend to use Coke as an insecticide. This is possible because of its acidity.


2. Fertilizing

fertilizing with coke

Pouring coke into your compost will improve its quality and therefore the condition of your plants.


3. Reducing Pain

reducing pain with coke

It can be a painful experience when your are stung or bitten by a bug. You can however repress the pain by pouring coke on the area of your skin that was affected.


4. Cleaning

cleaning with coke

The acid in coke is able to break down the lime scum in and around surfaces and corners, making it perfect for cleaning. A little bit of coke can also clean car batteries that are super corroded.


5. Brightening Hair Dye

brightening hair colour

If you dyed your hair and the colour didn’t turn out as bright as you would have wanted it to, you can always pour some coke on it to lighten the colour a bit.


6. Moisturising Skin

moisturising skin with coke1

Make your skin brighter and smoother by mixing some coke into your moisturiser.


7. Removing blood grease & stains

removing stains with coke

If your clothes is stained with blood or grease, you can just add some coke to the washing cycle and it will get it removed.


8. Relieving stomach pain

relieving stomach pain with coke2

Drinking some flat coke slowly when you are nauseated or have a disorder called gastric phytobezoar is actually regularly prescribed by doctors.


9. Removing gum

removing gum with coke

Simply leave some coke on the gum, whether it be in your hair or on your shoes, to let is soak. The gum will eventually begin to lose its stickiness, making it less harder to remove.


10. Getting paint off metal furniture

removing paint from furniture

Leave a towel doused with coke on the metal surface for a couple days. Ensure that it is always kept drenched with coke.

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