Top 10 Most Dangerous Competitions Around The World

If we compare today’s sports with ancient competitions, we realize that today’s sports are relatively safe and are governed by a set of humane rules. Not only the players are heavily padded but also spectators are kept at a far off distance. Even the combat type sports are not life threatening. However, there are some incredibly dangerous sports all over the world that are threatening but still participants  love playing them and spectators love watching them.

10. The World BASE Race

The World BASE Race

You must be aware of wingsuit jumping/ flying in which a person wears a special type of suit and jumps from the height; allowing user to fly. Paul Fortun created a dangerous game out of this sports. The competition is organized twice a year since 2008. Participants of this game jump from a height of 4265 feet (1,300 meters) and the first one to reach ground is the winner. Furthermore, the winner is rewarded with the title of ‘World’s Fastest Flying Human Being’.


9. The Angola Prison Rodeo

The Angola Prison Rodeo

Louisiana State prison, also known as Angola has the capacity to keep 5,000 prisoners. In 1964, the management organized an event in which prisoners could show their skills such as riding, broncos and roping calves. The major event is the one in which four prisoners sit around a table and an infuriated bull attacks them. The last man remaining is considered the winner. Other events include Guts & Glory, bull riding and Wild Cow Milking.


8. The Basant Kite Flying Festival

The Basant Kite Flying Festival

The basant festival is the world’s largest kite flying festival in the subcontinent. The goal behind this competition is to cut the twines of other kites. However, many people use chemical powdered twines and wires to fly kites. This use of chemicals and wires often causes casualties. Many people fall from roofs.


7. The Valparaiso Cerro Abajo Bike Race

The Valparaiso Cerro Abajo Bike Race

This dangerous bike race, which started in 2003, is held every year in the streets of Valparaiso, Chile. The participants’ ride their bikes in steep declining streets at high speed. Riders face many difficulties such as sharp turns, jumping from 15 feet, riding on stairs etc.


6. The Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling Competition

The Coopers Hill Cheese Rolling Competition

Cooper’s Hill is located in Gloucester, England where a yearly contest of cheese rolling is organized. A huge roll of cheese is thrown downwards from a hill top and the contestants have to chase it before the end line. Although it is not possible to catch that roll as it rolls down at around 70mph but people run and nearly all of them fall and get hurt.


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