Top 10 Most Dangerous Competitions Around The World

5. The World Sauna Championships

The World Sauna Championships

World sauna championship started in 1999. It takes place in Heinola, Finland. The contestants of this competition sit in a room with starting temperature of 110o C (230o F). Staying at such a high temperature not only causes dehydration but third degree burns and death. Vladimir Ladyzhensky; a contestant died in the final round during 2010 after which the competition was shut down.


4. Freestyle Alligator Wrestling Competition

Freestyle Alligator Wrestling Competition

James Holt took the responsibility of organizing freestyle alligator wrestling officially for 2010. Participants jump into the water where a wild alligator is waiting to receive them. Participants have to fight head-to-head with the alligator for ten minutes and have to take it out of the pool. If some extra stunts are performed (with alligator), bonus points are also given.


3. Shockfighting


Have you ever heard of boxing where two players fight in a ring and their gloves with electric current? Well, this is the competition, which Michael Alexander introduced with the name of shockfighting. Shockfighting is banned in all the states of US and it is no longer encouraged in rest of the world.


2. Baby Jumping

Baby Jumping

Castrillo de Murcia is a small village in Spain where baby jumping festival is organised every year during Corpus Christi feast. Small babies of less than a year are laid down in the streets and men wearing devil costumes jump over them.


1. The Green River Narrows Kayak Race

The Green River Narrows Kayak Race

Green River Narrows is located near Asheville, NC where the dangerous game of Kayaking takes place. The competition is dangerous enough to kill even experienced kayakers so it is not an official event. Kayakers often get badly hurt by waterfalls as high as 18 feet. Moreover, there is no standby medical assistance.


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