Top 10 Lies Taught To Us in School

7. Invasion of Africa by Europeans and the Kidnapping of Slaves

Europeans Invaded Africa and Kidnapped the Slaves

It is believed that the Americans or white people kidnapped people from Africa and brought them to America and Europe as slaves. Although it is true to some extent but there is some lie involved in it as well. History suggests that most of the slaves were sold by African slave traders themselves (Caucasian slaves were used in Egypt army).  When they realized that Americans or Europeans can pay them for their slaves; they started kidnapping people and trading them.

6. Abraham Lincoln’s opposition towards Slavery

Abraham Lincoln Was Strongly Opposed to Slavery

Abraham Lincoln, the former president of America is well known for his views against slavery but the fact is that he was never against slavery; rather, his own statements were ambiguous. His only concern was to make the union stronger regardless of whatever it requires. That’s why he said during1862’s Emancipation Proclamation that he will not bother freeing all, some or even no slave to make the union stronger. At that time, Confederate states were at war after their separation from the Union.


5. Coal makes Diamonds

Diamonds Are Made from Coal

It is strongly believed that diamonds are made from coals, however this is not true. The fact suggests that coals are found among other rocks like limestone whereas diamonds are found in beams nearly hundred miles under the core of earth and are brought up during outbreak of volcanoes. Although high pressure and heat is required for the formation of diamonds from carbons but these carbons are not the ones that form coal.


4. America’s Founding Fathers Were All Christian

The Founding Fathers Were All Christian

History teaches that all the founding fathers of America were Christians but this is not true. There were people who belonged to other beliefs as well. Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson were not Christians as they only believed in the existence of God because of nature only. John Adams belonged to Unitarian; a belief that Jesus was not God’s son but a person with good character and moral. George Washington was Pantheist; who believed that nature itself is god. Alexander Hamilton became Christian after the murder of his son.

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