Automotive Tech

Top 10 Green Concept Cars

5. GM Saab Aero X

  • Fueled entirely by 100% ethanol
  • Engine management system can make adjustments for any gasoline-ethanol blend.
  • Two-seater
  • 400-horsepower engine
  • Doesn’t have doors or a fixed windshield – the entire face of the vehicle opens up
  • No conventional dials and buttons – display of data on glass-like acrylic “clear zones” in graphic 3-D images

6. The Honda FCX

  • “3V” system: “Vertical gas flow, vertebral layout, and volume-efficient packaging.”
  • driving range of 354 miles
  • maximum speed of 100 miles per hour
  • can be driven in temperatures as low as minus 86 degrees Fahrenheit

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