This Driver Filmed Sleeping In His Car As It Moved Along On Autopilot Rings In The Start Of Our Futuristic Days

tesla model s 1

For those of us who might need a little wake up call in realizing the future that we are living today, this video will definitely do just that. The unimaginable technology available to the public these days currently allow us to jump in our cars after a full day of work, close our eyes and be parked right in our garage when we are ready to open them, and I’m not talking about having a chauffeur do it for you either.

tesla model s 2

On a busy freeway, the driver of a Tesla Model S was sure to show us how far technology has come by falling asleep around his steering wheel while the car kept moving down the road. The whole scene was captured by another driver who was in the alongside him. Using his smartphone cellphone, ofcourse, he was able to film the encounter.

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