The Stunning Architecture Of Wirra Willa

Located in Australian city of Somersby, Wirra Willa is a cool pavilion that sits on a piece of land measuring 80-acres. It is always looking good especially after being transformed from an orchard for citrus fruits. The key architect for the pavilion was Matthew Woodward and his good work ensured that this residence complemented well the surrounding serenity.

If you want to spend some free time reflecting and meditating on your personal life, there is always a recreational corner available at Wirra Willa which you can use. Alternatively, this place is mostly used as a guest house with everything that one will be looking for. In simple terms, it is self-contained. The greatest thing with Wirra Willa is the type of scenic view and experience it comes with. This is attributed to the fact that the house sits on a lily pond.

Getting the design into perfection was one of the greatest challenges faced by the architect when coming up with Wirra Willa. Actually, the rebuilding had to be redone two times before the building could be approved by the local authorities. The fact that this place is prone to flooding during rainy seasons informed the raising of the floor by at least half a meter from the ground.

Source: Wirra Willa

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