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The Best Jobs In the World


What would you want to be when you grow up?  – This was probably the most common question that we dealt as kids. And quite often , we would base our responses with what we loved doing or what we usually see on tv or the books that we read. Some probably wanted to become doctors, musicians, lawyers, teachers or even astronauts. As those were we thought as the best jobs in the world, what you’re about to read might break your heart as a child. Because here are actually – the coolest jobs in the world.


Private Island Caretaker

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What if we tell you that someone got paid for $150,000 for six months just to take care of an amazing private island? I mean we’re even willing to do it for free right? Imagine waking up every day to the sound of the waves instead of the alarm to remind us that it’s Work time whether we like it or not! Ben Southhall beat the 35,000 applicants for the “Best Job in the World”. A luxury villa was his “office’’ and he was loaded with fun water activities for work. Oh well, talking about good luck.


Professional Sleeper

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Sleep is a luxury for adults. Regardless if you got enough sleep the night before, once you hear the alarm, you just got to be ready for work. You can’t sleep in the office either. Unless you want to be kicked out by your boss. But if you want to make sleeping as a profession, this job actually exists! Professional sleepers are usually hired for scientific research purposes. In 2013 NASA declared that $18,000 would be paid to anyone willing to lay in bed for 70 days at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. Well what they say that one should not give up on their dreams just got real.



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Some grew up to be so fascinated with Ariel that they wanted to be just like her – a Mermaid. Well, for some companies, if you want it, you can have it! Just this year, Florida State Park Weeki Wachee held its auditions for anyone willing to be a mermaid and get paid. You read that right, you can get a career out of being a mermaid. If you don’t find it cool enough, then guess  nothing will ever will.


Video Game Tester

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You can play video games for as long as you want as that’s your job anyway! Dreaming to hear this line! Well, you can make it as a reality as the Video Game Tester Job exists!  Hurry up now, dust off that resume and get ready to be paid by doing what you really love!


Professional Chocolate Tester

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This is probably the best job for those who love chocolates! Imagine tasting something that you really like without spending even a penny and getting paid for it instead! Well, that’s the job of a professional chocolate tester! Cadbury had announced that they were hiring for chocolate beverage and chocolate testers! For the love of chocolates, this might be who knows your job soon!

So have you decided on which among these jobs you’re capable of doing? Move and get the job that you want! You are not a tree!






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