The 20 best responses to a wrong number text

Irritated that you got a text from some random stranger? Don’t get mad, use it as a chance for some comedy gold!


25-flawless-responses-to-wrong-number-texts-1 25-flawless-responses-to-wrong-number-texts-2 25-flawless-responses-to-wrong-number-texts-3 25-flawless-responses-to-wrong-number-texts-5 25-flawless-responses-to-wrong-number-texts-6 25-flawless-responses-to-wrong-number-texts-9 25-flawless-responses-to-wrong-number-texts-13 25-flawless-responses-to-wrong-number-texts-15 25-flawless-responses-to-wrong-number-texts-20 25-flawless-responses-to-wrong-number-texts-22 25-flawless-responses-to-wrong-number-texts-24 67 76 86 96 120 128 196 219 317

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