Steps to Activate Tethering on iPhone without Jailbreaking

The users of iPhone are always eager to activate tethering. But the tethering technique requires jailbroken phone which most of the users does not have. So here is a trick with which tethering can be enabled on iPhone without jailbreaking it.

For this technique to work, you will need iPhone OS 3.0, Mac OS X 10.5 and iTunes version 8.2. Follow the given steps in order to activate tethering on your iPhone

  • First of all uninstall the iTunes 8.2 Mac from your iPhone. Go to activity monitor and delete the iTunes helper process. Then navigate to library and delete the folder of iTunes. After this browse to library> preferences and delete these three files,, and
  • Now install iTunes 8.2 prerelease Mac. Connect the iPhone OS 3.0 with the iPhone. After connecting, open the Device Summary Page in iTunes. Hit the Restore button in iTunes while pressing and holding the Option key. Now locate the mounted carrier file and locate the ATT_US.ipcc file. These will upgrade the iPhone.
  • Now browse to Settings > General > Network. Find internet tethering and turn it ON to enable it. If tethering is successful then you will see a window offering the option of Network Preferences. Click on the preferences and select the Ethernet adapter (en 6).

By following the above process, you will see the signs of activated tethering on your iPhone screen.

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