Seven of the World’s Most Jaw-Dropping Commutes


3. Tokyo Subways




The world’s most populous metropolitan area’s trains see a daily ridership of more than eight million, making them infamous for their crowding. The subways are obliged to hire “Pushers”, men who physically cram as many people as possible into each car, in order to increase efficiency.

2. Shanghai Bike Thoroughfares



You don’t actually need any cars for a traffic jam, as the roads of Shanghai often show during peak hours. The sheer number of bicycles on the road can often bring movement to a complete standstill with scarcely a car in sight.

1. Hussaini Bridge, Pakistan



The creaky, swaying rope and plank bridge is a well-known trope in movies and other fiction, and for good reason. The side-to-side lurch in the wind, the unsettling creaking of the ropes, the unnerving give of the slowly deteriorating planks; all this can make crossing one of these fragile-looking constructions a legitimately terrifying experience. What’s worse? Crossing one while it’s deceased predecessor dangles next to you with snapped ropes and rotting planks. This is what many of the villagers in Hussain, Pakistan have to experience just to get from their farms into town.

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