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Rubber Band Gun Brings Childhood Memories Back With a Bang

Want to shoot all your frustrations by actually shooting in air? Here’s the perfect gun for you, don’t worry you won’t be imprisoned for keeping this weapon because it’s merely a toy. This thing has no comparison. The RBmG (Rubber Band Machine Gun) is an entirely automatic, rapid fire gun that shoots rubber bands effortlessly.  Press the trigger and a battery powered electric motor operates to fire continuously while you hold the trigger.

The RBmG comes as a kit of wooden parts manufactured using laser cutter that you can assemble in about 30 minutes. Total tools required for it are screwdrivers and pliers. This Rubber Band Gun can fire off 64 rubber bands with just a single pull of the trigger and with double loading; the RBmG can fire 128 bands in a trigger pull, all at a rapid fire rate of 800 rounds a minute.





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