Replacing iPhone 4 Glass Back Panel with Aluminium Backplate

Apple iPhone comes with best outlook and design. It also allows users to change original back casings with casings developed by third parties. The two most beautiful casings with which every user of iPhone wants to replace its original casings are titanium alloy which is for 3GS iPhone and aluminium back plate which is supposed for iPhone 4.

You can give your iPhone a new look by following the simple procedure. The only thing you need for this is screw driver #00 and iPhone with original black casing. Think before starting the procedure as it will void the warranty of your iPhone.

  • The back casing of iPhone is usually held by two screws at the bottom, one on each side of the charging port. Unwind the screws using the screw driver.
  • Now grasp the iPhone in such a way that touch screen faces downward. The charging port should be in your direction. Now apply the slight pressure on the back casing with hands and slide it up.
  • The casing will be moved enabling you to remove the casing.
  • Now take the casing with which you want to replace. Place it on the back of the phone in a position to slide up.
  • Now apply the slight pressure with both hands on the casing and move it upward unless you here a click.
  • Now put the screws back in their position and secure them using screw driver.

Enjoy the new look of your iPhone.

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