‘Project Ara’ – Google’s Fully Customizable Smartphone That Will Definitely Change The Game

project ara 2

A basic example of how the Project Ara can improve smartphones tremendously is if we look at its interchangeable camera blocks. A photographer will easily be able to upgrade their camera without having to change their entire device. From a music-lover’s angle, no longer will they have to store all their music on their main storage as there will be a block for offering additional storage. In short, the smartphone will only be a block from being that better camera or louder speaker that you need.

project ara 5

Since it is a customizable phone, replacing your current phone with the Project Ara when it is released will prevent you from having to upgrade to a new smartphone every time a new one is released. You just simply swap out the cells onto the base. Be sure to look out for the developer edition this Fall.

project ara 4

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