Now Control Your Room With Gestures Using WiSee

WiSee will make you forget Kinect and Leap Motion and its much easier to use as well. WiSee is a project developed by researchers at the University of Washington. It is a WiFi based gesture recognition device that will use your WiFi signals and will allow you to control things like playing music player, Television, computer and much more. You can even adjust your home’s thermostat and lighting system with it. So for all this, you require a normal WiFi router and a few mobile devices strategically placed around the home that will allow you to make various gestures to control devices for your room and other rooms as well. Even without line of sight you can control various objects in your house, now thats cool isn’t it?

According to the researches this device is 94% accurate in sensing your gestures (which is not that bad!) WiSee will require a startup sequence of gestures that will act like some sort of password to get authentication. Although this project is still under development, but team WiSee are confident to beat their competitors like Kinect and Leap motion. Watch the video below to check out this new amazing invention in action.



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