New Face Recognizing Phone Helps Elderly People To Dial Easily

Professor Dai Yunting along with his students  Lu Junshi, Liu Fei, Jiang Ying and Zhu Yunpeng have come up with an Elderly E Phone. The phone is quite simple in operation and functionality, its equipped with facial recognition technology and it is aimed towards the older population or people who might just need some extra help in making a call. Now instead dialing numbers of their loved ones or finding them in the contact list, Elderly E Phone can make contact search much easier since it uses photos of loved ones in order to make calls.

To work properly the contact numbers of loved ones have to be saved in the phone along with their photos. After that the user only has to hover the image finder over the corresponding photo and hit “OK” to call. In this way he can easily place a call without getting lost in contact list. Check out the pictures below and give us your comments in the comments section!




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