Meet Z-Board – The New Electric Skateboard

To all skateboarders, love it or not but the electric skateboard is a reality now. The Z-board is the new thing in skating, where you just don’t have to use your foot for pushing the board! We agree that the real sense of skateboarding just vanishes when you are not using your feets any more as in exercise terms, its a great exercise for your muscles but for all lazy people, this skateboard is the perfect thing made for you.

There is a electric motor installed in the skate board which detects the forward and backward motion signals by the press of two large circular buttons present on the top of the skateboard. The skateboard runs at 15 mph and has a range of 5 to 6 miles. The board is not designed for skateboard tricks, its just there to make you feel like skating on a board without any hard effort of your feet. There is one holding place so that you can carry it easily and start rolling anywhere you want. The Z-Board is not made for people who weigh more than 225 pounds. There are two types of boards which the company is providing, one is classic and other is pro, both differ in speed and battery timings. So if it all works for you, you can buy it from Would you buy it? Leave your comments in the comment box!

Check out the Zboard in action


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