Lenavo Thinkpadx1

Lenovo’s ThinkPad X Series is a line of business ultra-portable laptops. These are premium systems that feature advanced designs that make theses notebooks light, thin, and durable. X Series systems are also highlighted by the latest technological technologies which add good performance to a mobile computing solution.

Lenavo Thinkpadx1 is not officially announced,but Lenovo has said that it’s coming soon.Aside from the latest Intel CPU.
• It will be with 160GB SSD
• Rapidly charging battery upto 10 hours.
• It is not thicker then MacBook Air.
• It will be with less weigh.

Keyboard and Touchpad

Lenovo hasn’t mucked with the secret sauce that makes its keys so comfy to type on. Everything about them — their concave shape, the sturdy panel, the officious click they make — remains superb.


The Lenavo Thinkpadx113.3-inch, 350-nit display fashioned out of edge-to-edge Gorilla GlassThe X1’s pixel count will be sufficient for web surfing and word processing, but it’s disapointing that the company would cut the pixels on a laptop it hopes will be sexy and versatile enough to strike a chord beyond the boardroom.

Battery Life

According to Lenovo, the X1’s non-removable battery will last about 1,000 cycles, after which point it should reach 80 percent capacity. Like the rest of the hardware, it’s protected by a three-year warranty.


X1, Dolby speakers loud enough that even if the voice of the average volume, often had to take off the tag (or more).Although this gap, we interact, it is more than just a corporate black box, but we need a personal computer. From this perspective, X1 hits its mark.

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