Kodak Revamps Their 1965 Super 8 Camera With Digital Features

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Film company, Kodak, has a master plan of looking back in the past to move forward in the world of photography. Their retro Super 8 camera will be revamped as a film product with digital features, as they have shared in an announcement. The firm has been producing the film for 50 years, and their new plans for the retro Super 8 camera seek to have it in the hands of new generation filmmakers. To prove the capabilities of the Kodak film, a number of recent Hollywood blockbusters such as the record-breaking Star Wars: The Force Awakens, owes their stunning quality to the retro Super 8 camera.kodak super 8 1

In addition to keeping the film alive, the revamping of the Super 8 camera is a part of an overall goal that they have set. Thanks to today’s technological advances, there are many opportunities to fuse analog devices with digital functionality. A 3.5-inch swiveling digital viewfinder is included with the camera for framing shots which are captured on Super 8 Kodak film. At the front of the device, there is a 6mm Ricoh lens, or optionally, a 6-48mm zoom lens.

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The Super 8 camera is now available with several helpful digital features. These include a job wheel user interface, built-in light meter, cartridge detection, exposure control, and a manual/iris speed setting. A USB wall adapter is also included for charging the battery. With digital photography, there’s also the benefit of instant gratification—no developing necessary. To mitigate this downside, Kodak wants to make the analog process easy from start to finish. When you purchase film, the price also includes processing and digital transfer. Once you are done snapping, all you will have to do is to send the footage to Kodak, who will further develop, scan, and then deliver it both as an 8mm film and a digital copy.

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The modernized Super 8 is scheduled to be released in the fall of this year. The price of the device hasn’t been finalized as yet, but speculations say that it is expected to range between $400 and $750. Processing and digitizing the film will cost around $50 to $75 per cartridge.

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