Internet Security Here to Stay

The continual growth and expansion of the Internet and personal networks has made security an ever-present concern. Without mincing words, it is safe to say that the security of one’s online accounts and sites has become the preeminent worry among most users when it comes to identity fraud and theft.

Several viruses and scams are poised to damage online identities or steal them. The Facebook email scam circulated for weeks and threatens to return. Its modus operandi was to masquerade as an email from the Facebook administrative centers; however, its attachment was invariably a dangerous virus. In addition, many Facebook users have had their accounts hacked for the purposes of displaying graphic or violent materials. These troublesome social network “plagues” require plenty of anti-virus software to combat.

At the forefront of the war against viruses, in the name of digital security, are companies such as Norton and AVG. Their products are consistently effective, and are continuously updated to create a persistent wall against viruses.

Far more important than virus protection is encryption. While viruses can ravage a hard drive or upset a social account, it’s much more dangerous to let one’s personal information fall into the wrong hands. With a data encryption service, the most sensitive files can be wrapped with a protective shell so that they cannot be accessed by anyone but the correct user.

A service like Venafi can arrange sensitive data within an encryption. This service has become invaluable in an age when we are all flinging our emails out into the ether, sometimes loaded with sensitive information. The ability to encrypt is the ability to protect, and encryption services are becoming more valuable as data grows more complex.

Venafi’s Encryption Director provides a user-friendly, sure-fire way to secure data. Using the best software available, this service can encrypt your files and web pages at a fraction of the cost of larger companies. This can help prevent theft as well as round out the general security of a computer. While it’s not always likely that a given account will be hit by a cyber attack, passwords have shown decreasing abilities to secure accounts and data. Encryption holds the key.

Therefore, to get files and web pages safely behind a protective wall, consider the Encryption Director. This reliable software will protect any form of data against thieves, cyber-criminals, and even the companies running the accounts. If it’s safety you need, the Encryption Director should be a first choice.

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