Books That Disappear If You Don’t Read Them

It’s a bitter reality that we buy books but we never read them. They just gather dust with time. No doubt the author of the book is also affected, eventually; if we won’t read this one, how come we’ll buy his next one? This actually did demoralize the authors and the publishers as well, who lessened the number of authors they recruited. To tackle this issue, Argentinian publishers Eterna Cadencia teamed with an ad agency named DRAFTFCB Buenos Aires to devise a way that will make buyers read the book.

They came up with an idea of a special ink that faints away after 2 months. The presence of light and air somehow makes the ink disappear. In two months, all the pages of the book are blank. Guess what, this innovative idea worked! People started reading books they bought, and the publishers are now expanding their operations to full capacity again; good news for the authors. Good job indeed.

Here is a short video about these books.


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